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Happy Birthday to me! :-)

Love Waterfalls? Love Nature? So do I! That’s why I’m creating the first ever waterfall photography book and film, Sacred Waterfalls.  The journey has already started, but I still need your help. My crowd funded project is near 30% completion.  Instead of giving me a birthday gift (which I know you were going to do but ran out of time haha), consider making a contribution.

I’ve already completed shooting half of the book, and the images are turning out to be wonderful.  There is so much beauty in this world and I can’t wait to share this work, not only with those of you who contributed, but with the world.  I believe the more people we inspire and get involved with nature, the better.  When everyone has an emotional connection with this planet and view it as a living, breathing organism, we will begin to make change.  Help me by visiting and have a great spring!


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