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The fundraiser for Sacred Waterfalls at Kickstarter is underway and off to a great running start!  If you have an interest in photography or preserving nature, you will love this film.

I’ll be traveling in a van full of photography gear over the next year, shooting America’s most exotic waterfalls, documenting the experience as I go.  I’ll also stop to interview park officials, scientists, and Native American elders, all who want to talk about climate change.

Waterfalls are great indicators of the planet’s health, and new discoveries are being made around them.  Did you know that a new fish species was recently discovered in Hawaii that climbs waterfalls?  The Nopili rock-climbing goby is being threatened by severe drought and pollution.

There are other environmental topics, like dams, Hetch Hetchy Valley, and runoff tunnels we’ll get into in the film, but the main message I want to convey today is this:  If we don’t create awareness, nothing will be done about the severe environmental issues we’re facing.  If you want a shred of nature to be left for your kids to enjoy, if you want them to breathe clean air, or even be able to cope with the toxic clean up that needs to start in our oceans and rivers, then think about helping out projects like mine.

I believe there are two factors in creating mass change: Awareness, then Action.  I hope that Sacred Waterfalls will create the awareness part, so that many more people are inspired to take action and preserve these natural temples that are diminishing.

Please visit to contribute to Sacred Waterfalls through Friday, September 12.

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