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Kings Canyon

I just got back from visiting Kings Canyon for the first time, and it was spectacular. The rugged mountains really make you feel small, and you get the feeling that you are in a really remote area, although you’re just a few hours from L.A.

Please enjoy this desktop background image on your computer (free download). I had an amazing experience creating it, as it took all of my mental clarity, strength, and balance to get into position and stay there while I took the shot.

Making the image wasn’t easy. I saw the color of the pool and contrast of the wet rocks from the road on my way to Grizzly Falls, and had to stop. Luckily the water was low this time of year, making it somewhat easier to jump boulders so I could get close enough. Crossing the last boulder was tricky, as I had to either a) jump and hope that my weight would carry me with enough inertia to get up the other side without falling in, or b) use my tripod as a pole to push off from, wedge myself onto the other rock, and slowly climb up like spiderman, hoping my shoes had enough traction on smooth granite. They did. Thanks, Nike.

As the sun set, the whole canyon turned purple, changing the color of the rocks and water many times over. I just barely got the camera set up in time to capture this colorful moment. I hope you feel some of the peace that this tranquil pool brought me.


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