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Stacey J Warner and Friends

Some experiences are so powerful, their stories are best left untold. Sunday was one of those days for me, and while I won’t tell the whole story here, I will say that horses are amazing mirrors of who we are. If you’re paying attention to subtle energy in nature, this type of experience can come up a lot for you (at least it does for me, as photography also demands that I stay in the moment), but horses absolutely demand that you are 100% authentic before communication can start, so they are an extremely quick mirror of your interior state.

I have to tip my hat to Stacey for leading a beautiful seminar. I’m sure every person attending walked away with a powerful experience, and I highly recommend her work. Thanks, Stacey! And thank you too, Cole, for the awesome safety tips and tree seating!

To make a long story short, this is Diego, a beautiful animal who wanted NOTHING to do with me. Diego seemed to find the right person to work with in the combined herd of horses and people, and then something great happened. The massive gray horse (background of photo 2), who I instantly wanted to connect with when I walked in, came over to my side of the pen and waited for me to clear my mind. I knew that if I reached out with my hand everything would be over, and I’d spook the herd (again), so I waited, took mental inventory, stopped creating stories in my head about the horse and myself, and just accepted the now. In this new state, the LARGE horse named Coda moved its head toward me and we were instant friends. I quickly found myself massaging his massive muscles, scratching his neck, and accepting some soft nuzzling with our heads pressed together. That was the outer conversation. The inner conversation was sacred and for us alone. Not horse and man, but two spirits connecting. Thank you, Coda.
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