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Racetrack Playa - Open Edition

Racetrack Playa - Open Edition

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A rare greenish purple atmosphere before sunrise at Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park

The rocks "sail" across the dry lake bed under the perfect ice and wind conditions, leaving a trail.  Aside from my friend, there was no one around for miles and miles, but we thought we might have heard strange voices in the wind.  The desert can be a peaceful, and sometimes eerie place, but its always beautiful.

  • Limited Edition of 15 in sizes 24x36 to 40x60 available
    • Signed and numbered
    • Loose print or Acrylic Facemount
  • Open Edition available in 16x24, 8x12
    • Signed, not numbered
  • Posters available in 24x36

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