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PPA International Print Competition

Bronze Medal for four Merit Collection winners

Eternal Flow Merit Image El Matador Merit Image

Impending Merit Image Angel Mist 

Eternal Flow, El Matador, Impending, Angel Mist



Disney Music Hall
Peer Choice Award
Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 21June, 2017
Contest Finalist in Architectural Masterpieces Photo Contest
Behind The Scenes
Won Featured Award


PPA International Print Competition

Gold Medal for two Loan, two Merit Collection winners

First Snow, Last Light Dream In Motion

Behind The Scenes Light Lava

Merit Collection: Light Lava, Behind The Scenes

Loan Collection: First Snow, Last Light, Dream In Motion


PPA Western Competition

Merit Collection Winners:

Light Lava

First Snow, Last Light

Dream In Motion



Illumined Morning

Member Selection Award




Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

Staff Winter Selection