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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Fine Art Photography?"

Fine art photography is a genre of photography where the subject is interpreted for art purposes. Learn more...

Do you really donate to the National Park Foundation with every purchase?

Yes. As of November, 2017 we decided to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak, and directly give back to Mother Nature in this way.  We feel this organization is aligned with our philosophy.

How can I learn from Michael directly?  Does he teach photography?

Yes, he is starting to formulate a workshop specific to his unique process and style.  If you are interested in upcoming workshops, please contact us.

I remember seeing an image that is no longer on the website.  Can I still order a print/license the image?

Yes. Michael has thousands of images in his archives for print and licensing.  We don't display them all, only the best and newest releases.

Do you have your own gallery?

Yes, you're looking at it.  In today's world, even some of the top fine art landscape photographers are struggling with their brick and mortar stores, and we'd like to be around for a while without filing bankruptcy.  Michael feels that the best way to service his audience is through this online gallery.

I see a logo/watermark on an image in your store.  Will that be on my print?


Where are the prints made?

Michael does his own printing and facemounting work in his private studio.  Occasionally he will work with an outside facility, and these are the best print makers in the country who are able to produce work according to Michael's specific instruction.

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