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The ocean has many moods.  Some days are restless and violent.  Some days are serene.  The morning I captured this image was one of the most peaceful mornings at Palisades Beach I have ever experienced.  I used a camera blur technique to capture the mood and subtle movement of the waves.  Usually I'm trying for crisp detail, but the blur accurately reflects the way I felt in the moment.  The subtle whites, grays, and blues make me feel calm, like I was in the moment, and I hope they do the same for you.    

The camera blur technique is something I've been experimenting with for a couple of years now.  I basically lock the camera in place on a tripod with just enough play in the movement from left to right so that I can blur what's in front of the lens artistically.  It takes timing and a lot of trial and error, as the horizon has to stay perfectly straight.  You also have to wait patiently for the perfect subject matter to cross in front of the lens.  In this case I actually waited for two scenarios to come together: the perfect wave and the right pattern of white water retreating back to the ocean from where I was standing.

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